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Evaluation Brief: Sustained Communications Strategy

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This evaluation brief examines the Sustained Communication Strategy through the lens of Child Safety Forward learning during the first of its three-year implementation; it discusses the learning approach, defines the Sustained Communication Strategy, and provides a chart of intermediate outcomes.


This document is one of three evaluation briefs that provide an overview of three core conditions that are crucial for achieving elevated learning from the Child Safety Forward (CSF) technical assistance team as well as through the demonstration sites qualitative and quantitative data-informed implementation plans; those core conditions are: elevate families into relationships of equal power within systems; build intentional strategy to systematically assess and address racism; and sustain communications strategy. This document is designed to highlight how CSF is defining the Sustained Communication Strategy; it also lays out the strategies and approaches that are likely to advance the condition, and the intermediate outcomes from those strategies. The goal for this document is to create a roadmap for the Sustained Communication Strategy, which will be further refined through the implementation study conducted at the end of year two of implementation.

Date Published: January 1, 2022