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Technical assistance (TA)

Human Trafficking FY 2020-2022 Grantees: Performance Measurement Training

October 2022

This recorded webinar is for Human Trafficking victim service providers and Enhanced Collaborative Model task forces funded by OVC in FY 2020 and forward. It provides information on the performance reporting requirements, report types and due dates, and how to access and navigate the PMT platform for reporting purposes. View the webinar presentation slides.

OVC FY 2022 Invited to Apply – Reducing Child Fatalities and Recurring Serious Injuries Caused by Crime Victimization

Closing Date
This is a proposal to conduct an implementation study during the third year of the Child Fatalities demonstration initiative. In FY2019- OVC launched the demonstration initiative Reducing Child Fatalities and Recurring Child Injuries Caused by Crime Victimization. It is a demonstration initiative which requires a national evaluation. However, the previous leadership removed the funding for the national evaluator. The TA provider was able to secure...

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Funding First Awarded

The OVC Center for VOCA Administrators Introduction Video

September 2021

The OVC Center for VOCA Administrators (The OVC VOCA Center) provides peer-to-peer technical assistance to meet the needs of VOCA Administrators. The OVC VOCA Center will broaden victim services to historically underserved communities, provide grant and financial management training and technical assistance, offer learning opportunities designed specifically for VOCA Administrators, and foster expanded accessibility and sustainability of VOCA programs.

OVC Center for VOCA Administrators Launch: Remarks From OVC Director Kristina Rose

September 2021

In this video, OVC Director Kristina Rose announces the launch of the OVC Center for VOCA Administrators. The Center provides technical support to strengthen the capacity of VOCA Administrators to administer VOCA formula victim assistance and victim compensation funds—the cornerstone of support for victims throughout the Nation. Visit the OVC Center for VOCA Administrators website.

OVC Acting Director Katherine Darke Schmitt Commemorates Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness Month

April 2021
Every April, the Nation commemorates Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Month. OVC Acting Director Katherine Darke Schmitt discusses our office's support for projects that serve victims of sexual assault. She also pays tribute to the dedicated service providers working to support victims, including forensic nurse examiner Kim Day, who is retiring after decades in service to victims of sexual violence.