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Human Trafficking Capacity Building Center Resource Library

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This library contains a range of human trafficking resources in user-friendly formats, including tip sheets, one-page overviews, simple documents, and Q&As.


Search tabs are provided to facilitate efficient access to subject-matter resources. The tabs address the following topics related to resources on human trafficking: 1) Grant Funding, 2) Trauma-Informed Care, 3) Federal Grant Match Requirements, and 4) Sample Model Documents. The library also has an option for selecting filters, which gives the user options of accessing only “Sponsored or Published” resources, “Series” resources, or ”Publication Type.” For each of these broad filter types, further breakdowns for resource type are provided. Other options are provided for searching by publication date or by title. Selection of listings by ascending or descending order is also an option. Documents in this resource library provide foundational information on human trafficking and organizational management. Sample documents offer language an organization or tribe may choose to reference or use. Using the samples or content portions in program development documentation is independent from any specific compliance requirements that may exist for a particular program. Using a sample document or content portions should be considered only a starting point for developing program-specific content.

Date Published: January 1, 2020