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Mass Violence After Action Report Review: Focus on Victim Services and Behavioral Health Services

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Date Published
July 2021
23 pages

The National Mass Violence Victimization Resource Center (NMVVRC) staff and consultants report on existing After Action Reports (AARs) from mass-violence incidents (MVIs) to determine their general structure and assess the degree to which victim services and mental health components are included in these reports.


The study reviewed existing AARs from mass-violence incidents (MVIs); determined which components were generally included in the AARs, noting those specific to victim/survivor response and assistance; and developed recommendations. This report identifies features of AARs, with attention to examples from past MVI responses and their respective AARs related to victim/survivor and mental/behavioral health services. A total of 17 subject areas related to the AAR analysis were addressed, with each accompanied by observations and recommendations. The topics addressed are pre-incident planning; emergency 911 services and initial notification; law enforcement and initial response; tactical operations; operational coordination/relationships, command, and control; operational communications; scene management and command centers; medical services and systems; crime-scene management; criminal investigation; public information and notification; media and public relations; resource management; protecting the community after the incident; reporting and documentation; support services (for victims and first responders); community engagement and management in the days and months following the incident; and feedback from victims and their families. A table summarizes each of these AAR elements and recommendations pertinent to each element.

Date Published: July 1, 2021