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Working Together for Victims: Building Partnerships

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Date Published
October 2020
2 pages

This informational document provides information on the benefits and steps of seeking and establishing partnerships between a victim services organization and another organization which might include non-profit, for-profit, faith-based, or governmental organizations.


This publication addresses the benefits of partnerships for service providers as well as victims of all forms of human trafficking; it notes that by forming partnerships, organizations offer service referrals and can collaborate in training, advocacy, and fundraising opportunities. It also notes that a strong partnership can enhance the quality and quantity of services offered to survivors of human trafficking. The three types of partnerships it discusses are: collaboration; task force or a multi-disciplinary response team; and funding partnership. Partnerships may include relationships between: multiple service partner organizations; public agencies and a service provider organization; local businesses and a local service provider organization; academic institutions and a local service provider; and donors and recipient organizations. The document also discusses some necessary steps for seeking a partnership, as well as providing additional information, with links to resources on community-based partnerships.

Date Published: October 1, 2020