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OVC Partnerships With Law Enforcement

Law enforcement personnel are often the first contact that victims of crime have. It is therefore critical that law enforcement understand the needs of crime victims and provide a trauma-informed response.

This 6-minute video discusses OVC-sponsored programs and resources to enhance the delivery of services to victims of crime by law enforcement agencies.


OVC-sponsored initiatives discussed in the video are—

  • Enhancing Law Enforcement Response to Victims: a low-cost strategy for agencies that seeks to address the seven critical needs of victims, which focus on safety, support, and access.

  • Collective Healing in the Wake of Harm: a project awarded to the International Association of Chiefs of Police intended to help five competitively selected demonstration sites develop both a preventative and a reparative focus to address the needs of victims directly impacted by high-profile incidents and to reduce tensions, maximize communication, and promote problem solving between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

  • The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit: This OVC toolkit offers guidance to help law enforcement agencies strengthen their ability to address work-related exposure to trauma.


Date Published: May 2, 2018