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2024 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Resource Guide

How To Keep the Conversation Going

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is only 7 days, but the conversation about options, services, and hope for crime survivors can and should continue 365 days a year. The NCVRW Resource Guide does not have an expiration date. The information and strategies outlined in this guide can be used to promote awareness throughout the rest of this year — and even further.

Here are some ideas about how to keep the conversation going:

  • Hold events in your community during other commemorative days, weeks, and months to educate people about options and services for crime victims in your area.
  • Use the suggested outlines for NCVRW social media posts in the Planning Your Outreach section to launch a similar campaign about victims’ rights and services later in the year. Highlight services and options in your community using a dedicated post for each one.
  • Keep the central question of this year’s theme alive by periodically asking your audience, “How would you help?” on social media and interacting with responses by providing resources.
  • Host lunch-and-learns to ask, “How would you help?” and offer resources.
  • If crime victimization is getting attention in your local news, consider responding with a letter to the editor using some of the talking points outlined in the Working With the Media section of this guide.
  • Use this year’s artwork to create printouts of local or national resources for crime victims and distribute them at events in your community, such as fairs, festivals, or concerts.
  • Use the landmarks and notable quotable portions of the Helpful Resources for Your Outreach section of this guide as the basis for social media posts. For example, on the anniversary of an important landmark in victims’ rights, you or your organization could share information about the importance of the date along with the core question, “How would you help?” and provide a list of services and options. 

The possibilities are as broad as your imagination. We encourage you to not let the core message of NVCRW fade after 1 week. Instead, use NCVRW as a catalyst for change in your community. 

Date Created: March 21, 2024