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2024 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Resource Guide

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Official Theme Artwork

The 2024 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW) Resource Guide artwork can help you or your organization plan public awareness activities before, during, and even after NCVRW. The artwork can also serve as a way to keep the conversation going throughout the year and is meant to be placed in any public space. 

Explore and adapt these user-friendly resources as you plan for NCVRW, observed April 21–27, 2024. We also encourage you to think about how you might use some of this artwork after NCVRW has concluded. This year’s theme—How would you help? Options, services, and hope for crime survivors.—is a call-to-action for us all to create safe environments for crime victims to share what happened to them.

By using the 2024 NCVRW Resource Guide artwork, you become part of the nationwide effort to raise awareness about crime victims’ rights and services during NCVRW and beyond. Select artwork provides space for you to add your local contact information. Artwork is available in English and Spanish.

Use the 2024 NCVRW color palette to create visual content that aligns with other observations across the nation. Designed in CMYK, the palette also includes comparable RGB values, hex codes, and PMS colors for your convenience. The fonts used in the 2024 NCVRW artwork are Acumin (Semicondensed Ultra Black) and Fredrica the Greatest (Regular).

View How To Use the Artwork to learn about theme colors and fonts, tips for using the artwork files, technical specifications for the artwork, and more.

Awareness Posters

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Date Created: January 8, 2024