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2024 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Resource Guide

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Social Media Artwork


Use this artwork below to raise awareness through your personal social media and that of your organization.

Artwork is available for Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter).

View How To Use the Artwork to learn about theme colors and fonts, tips for using the artwork files, technical specifications for the artwork, and more.


Facebook Banner 1 (1200x630 px)

JPG (274 kb)    PNG (1.2 mb)

Pancarta (Facebook) 1 (1200x630 px)

JPG (201 kb)    PNG (1.3 mb)

Facebook Banner 2 (1200x630 px)

JPG (275 kb)    PNG (1.2 mb)

Pancarta (Facebook) 2 (1200x630 px)

JPG (201 kb)    PNG (1.3 mb)

Facebook Banner 3 (1200x630 px)

JPG (270 kb)    PNG (1.2 kb)

Pancarta (Facebook) 3 (1200x630 px)

JPG (201 kb)    PNG (1.3 mb)

Facebook Button 1 (180x180 px)

JPG (37 kb)    PNG (70 kb)

Botón (Facebook) 1 (180x180 px)

JPG (37 kb)    PNG (64 kb)

Facebook Button 2 (180x180 px)

JPG (43 kb)    PNG (49 kb)

Botón (Facebook) 2 (180x180 px)

JPG (49 kb)    PNG (46 kb)

X (Formerly Twitter)

X Banner (1500x500 px)

JPG (183 kb)     PNG (1.3 mb)

Pancarta (X) (1500x500 px)

JPG (181 kb)     PNG (1.2 mb)

X Button (400x400 px)

JPG (78 kb)     PNG (300 kb)

Botón (X) (400x400 px)

JPG (79 kb)     PNG (298 kb)

Date Created: January 8, 2024