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2024 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Resource Guide

Planning Your Outreach: Victim Service Providers & Allied Professionals

Use these tips, tools, and templates to help you, your department, or your organization raise awareness of victims' rights and services during NCVRW. The 2024 Resource Guide has examples and resources for holding observances, honoring members of your community, raising awareness of victims’ rights through traditional and social media, working with journalists, and more.

Media Plans

A well-thought-out media plan is an effective way to share your message and increase your organization’s exposure. Engaging a wide audience for your NCVRW activities can be time-consuming and may feel overwhelming for an organization with a small staff. However, an active social media presence is easy to achieve and can vastly increase your connections and reach. 

Read more on how to craft a media plan for NCVRW.

Social Media Posts

Extend Your Reach Through Partnerships

NCVRW offers an opportunity to renew and strengthen our partnerships, and to highlight the collaborative approaches that are integral to reaching all populations and connecting all victims and survivors with services. Through partnerships, organizations more effectively mobilize their experience, skills, messages, resources, and stakeholders to help plan a powerful NCVRW strategy. Partnerships with other organizations and allied professionals can dramatically boost the impact of your campaign. Learn more about how to engage your partners during NCVRW and throughout the year.

Presentation Tips

Presentations are unique opportunities to inform the community about victims’ rights and services during NCVRW. Use these presentation tips can help you clarify your goals, tailor your message to your audience, and choose the best approach. 

Sample PowerPoint Template

This resource guide includes a sample PowerPoint template featuring the 2024 NCVRW theme and design. Use the template to prepare and customize your own NCVRW PowerPoint presentations. Download the PowerPoint file, along with a range of other theme artwork files.

Date Created: March 21, 2024