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2024 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Resource Guide

Working With Reporters

If your agency is holding a newsworthy event, either for NCVRW or at another time during the year, contact local reporters by phone and email, use social media to engage with reporters, and send out invitations and alerts. Briefly describe the event and offer yourself as a resource. 

Reporters are on tight deadlines, so any information that you can share ahead of time is useful and appreciated. 

Reporters will often ask for a local or human-interest angle. Be prepared for the following types of questions when pitching your event: 

  • Has a person in the community triumphed over tragedy or found a way to help other victims? Are there victims who would be willing and prepared to share their stories? 
  • Do you have a reliable source for up-to-date statistics on a particular type of crime? (Position your organization as a resource.) 
  • Have there been any other recent examples of the crime you are discussing in your area or other communities around the country?
  • Who could brief the reporter on the status of the law in this area?
  • Can your organization’s director provide an on-the-record comment? (If not, know which member of your organization is best prepared and willing to provide an interview on the specific topic.)
Date Created: March 21, 2024