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Audiobooks Available to Help Young Survivors of Human Trafficking

Child Victims and Witnesses Support Materials: Human Trafficking

OVC’s Child Victims and Witnesses Support Materials offer age appropriate resources to support children and youth during their involvement with the justice system as a victim or witness to a crime.

A set of these materials were created by national experts and young trafficking survivors to support youth who are victims or witnesses in cases of human trafficking.

Originally released as graphic novels in January 2022, new audiobook versions of these materials are now available.

Listen to three audiobooks, each read by voice actors who are young adult trafficking survivors.

  • Jamie's Story follows a young individual who identifies as nonbinary and serves as a victim witness in a sex trafficking case.
  • Sergio's Story describes the experience of a young boy who was a victim of labor trafficking and is part of a federal case.
  • Zoe's Story shares the experiences of a young girl who was sex trafficked and presents in court as a defendant.
Date Published: March 2, 2023