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Office of Justice Programs Pledges Millions to Support Public Safety in Alaska Native Communities

Alaska has the highest per capita crime rate in the country. Remote environments and unpredictable weather conditions exacerbate the high crime rate and access to services for victims.

Attorney General William P. Barr and Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Katie Sullivan recently visited Alaska to discuss public safety with state and local law enforcement officers, elected officials, Alaska Native leaders, native youth, crime survivors, and other experts.

During the meeting, the Office of Justice Programs at the U.S. Department of Justice announced that $6 million in emergency federal funds to support law enforcement efforts to curb the public safety crisis for Alaska Natives.

Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Justice, through OVC, is offering over $167 million in grant funds for Tribal victim services. Alaska Native and American Indian communities can apply for this funding by August 16, 2019, through the FY 2019 Tribal Victim Services Set-Aside Program solicitation.

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Date Published: July 31, 2019