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New Tool Available To Measure Victim Service Outcomes

A new tool can help organizations serving crime victims and survivors to measure service quality and outcomes, from the perspective of those receiving the services.

iMPRoVE (Measures for Providers Responding to Victimization Experiences), is a free platform that allows users to collect, understand, and analyze the ways their program changes the lives of those they serve.

Measuring service outcomes can—

  • improve service delivery by identifying strengths and challenges.
  • boost staff/team morale by demonstrating areas of excellence.
  • identify areas for improvement and training.
  • give clients a voice in services and how they are delivered.
  • offer insights for planning and resource development.
  • prove that funds are making a difference with empirical data.

Do you need help to get started? Check out the iMPRoVE website provides guides, videos, and trainings.

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RTI International and its partners manage the iMPRoVE project with support from OVC, the National Institute of Justice, and the Office on Violence Against Women.

Date Published: October 3, 2023