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Strategy Helps Law Enforcement Connect with Victims and Build Community Trust

With support from the Office for Victims of Crime, the International Association of Chiefs of Police released the second edition of a strategy to help—

  • build broader communitywide trust and confidence in the police,
  • foster the healing process for victims,
  • increase victim participation in the criminal justice process, and
  • produce stronger cases to hold offenders accountable.

The Enhancing Law Enforcement Response to Victims Strategy, Second Edition introduces law enforcement leaders to the benefits and methods for adopting victim-centered, trauma-informed philosophies to improve the response to crime victims. Discover resources to help your agency understand and implement this strategy, including—

  • videos that introduce the strategy and the four core principles,
  • customizable templates that can be used to enhance communication with victims,
  • tools that can aid in victim response efforts, and
  • resources developed by organizations that support law enforcement’s role in serving victims.

Learn more by viewing the Enhancing Law Enforcement Response to Victims Strategy, Second Edition.

Date Published: February 17, 2021