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About 3.8 Million Americans 16 or Older Were Victims of Stalking in 2016

Our partners at the Bureau of Justice Statistics recently released Stalking Victimization, 2016.

This report details the demographic characteristics of stalking victims and describes the nature of stalking victimization, including the number of offenders, the victim-offender relationship, and the frequency and duration of the stalking. The survey measured 12 types of stalking behaviors, incorporating both traditional stalking and stalking with technology (commonly known as cyberstalking).

Highlights from the report include—

  • About 1.5 percent (3.8 million) of persons age 16 or older were victims of stalking in 2016.
  • A greater percentage of persons age 16 or older experienced stalking with technology only (0.5 percent) than traditional stalking only (0.3 percent).
  • Females were stalked more than twice as often (2.0 percent) as males (0.9 percent).
  • Most victims of stalking (69 percent) knew their offender in some capacity.

Read the report to learn more and visit our Stalking topic page for additional information and resources.

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Date Published: April 15, 2021