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Learn About OVC’s Multidisciplinary, Victim-Centered Approach to Improving Responses to Victims of Human Trafficking

OVC’s Enhanced Collaborative Model Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking Program offers federal funding to both a law enforcement agency and a victim service provider to co-lead a diverse set of multidisciplinary partners to increase victim identification and enhance an overall response to victims and survivors of human trafficking.

A recent article in the latest “COPS Community Policy Dispatch” discusses the resources this program offers. Read the article to learn about what an Enhanced Collaborative Model Task force does, the Development and Operations Roadmap for task forces, establishing task force protocols, training for OVC partners and law enforcement, and how to engage human trafficking survivors to inform and improve anti-trafficking programming.

OVC is the largest federal funder of anti-trafficking programs in the United States, awarding more than $96 million in Fiscal Year 2023 to empower communities responding to human trafficking.

Read the article to learn more

Date Published: January 19, 2024