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Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program (AEAP)

AEAP Grant Eligibility

Applicants eligible for AEAP funding include—

  • state victim assistance and victim compensation programs;
  • public agencies, including federal, state, and local governments;
  • federally recognized Indian Tribal governments, as determined by the Secretary of the Interior and published in the Federal Register;
  • U.S. Attorneys’ Offices;
  • public institutions of higher education; and
  • nongovernmental and victim service organizations.

OVC will not provide AEAP funding to a foreign power or to individual crime victims.

AEAP grants are available by OVC invitation only. Shortly after an event, OVC will contact officials in the state or jurisdiction where the incident occurred to discuss the scope of victims’ needs and explain what resources may be available.

OVC encourages potential applicants to coordinate victim-related activities with organizations such as—

  • state emergency preparedness agencies;
  • state mental health agencies;
  • local chapters of the American Red Cross and United Way; and
  • federal, state, local, and/or Tribal law enforcement and prosecutors’ offices.

In most instances, OVC will make only one award for each incident with the grantee assuming overall responsibility for coordination of grant activities with subgrantees.

Eligible Criminal Event

AEAP guidelines define an act of mass violence as an intentional violent crime that results in physical, emotional, or psychological injury to a sufficiently large number of people and significantly increases the burden of victim assistance and compensation for the reporting jurisdiction, as determined by the OVC Director.

AEAP Documents

AEAP Funding

AEAP grants are by invitation only and potential grantees may be invited to submit an application only after consultation with OVC.