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Elder financial exploitation

Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation

Learn how OVC supported advocates, service providers, researchers, and policymakers across the Nation in their efforts to address the rights and needs of older victims of abuse and neglect during FYs 2021-2022.

OVC FY 2023 Transforming America’s Response to Elder Abuse: Enhanced Multidisciplinary Teams (E-MDTs) for Older Victims of Abuse and Financial Exploitation and T&TA

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OVC seeks to support the development or enhancement of multidisciplinary teams to better identify and respond to cases of abuse of older adults and more comprehensively serve and support older victims of financial exploitation and other forms of elder abuse. The program will also support a National Elder Abuse Training and Technical Assistance Center.

Training Helps Police Respond to Victims of Transnational Elder Fraud


An online 2-hour course is now available on-demand (registration is required). Learn more.

Register for the OVC-funded Responding to Transnational Elder Fraud - A Victim-Centered Approach for Law Enforcement virtual training.

New Course | Responding to Transnational Elder Fraud | NW3C

This free, 1-day training course provides criminal justice practitioners in the United States with information to assist older victims of fraud perpetuated in multiple jurisdictions via phone or the Internet.


OVC FY 2022 Transforming America’s Response to Older Victims: Developing and Supporting Statewide Elder Justice Coalitions and Training and Technical Assistance Program

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Under this program, OVC will fund a program to develop or expand statewide Elder Justice Coalitions. The funded applicant will make and monitor subgrants to seven Coalitions, and support them, and other established coalitions across the United States, by providing national-scope technical assistance.