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Children and Youth in Tribal Communities

Resources for Use With Children and Youth in Tribal Communities

Children and youth in Tribal communities who are victims and witnesses encounter unique challenges while navigating the justice system. Jurisdictional conflicts and variation in Tribal justice system structure and processes can be confusing and overwhelming for child victims and witnesses and their families.

Many child victims and witnesses have endured multiple forms of violence and victimization over...

Enhanced Rural Response Project

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Child Victims and Witnesses Support Materials


For children and youth, participating in the justice system as a victim or witness can be especially confusing, distressing, and even re-traumatizing. Child Victims and Witnesses Support Materials was created to support children and youth during their involvement with the justice system as a victim or witness to a crime.

Based on the input of national experts and lived experience experts, these materials are...



Children are some of the most vulnerable members of our society and are widely held as needing greater care and protection. However, despite this, children are frequently victims of or witnesses to violence, abuse, and other crimes, including domestic violence, community violence, physical assault, sexual assault, commercial sexual exploitation, and child maltreatment.

Resulting from these high rates of exposure to violence, crime, and abuse...