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Transforming Victim Services - Writing Your Semiannual Narrative

June 2022
This recorded webinar helps Office for Victims of Crime grantees develop a common understanding of how collecting performance measure data informs the semiannual narrative report; provides information on the narrative questions and explores each question and what responses should entail; and highlights how a clear and concise semiannual narrative report can tell the story of the qualitative data.

Project TRUST E-Learning Curriculum Launched

Learn about a new curriculum to help anti-trafficking professionals understand trauma and human trafficking and how to support individuals impacted by trafficking-related trauma.

The OVC Center for VOCA Administrators Introduction Video

September 2021

The OVC Center for VOCA Administrators (The OVC VOCA Center) provides peer-to-peer technical assistance to meet the needs of VOCA Administrators. The OVC VOCA Center will broaden victim services to historically underserved communities, provide grant and financial management training and technical assistance, offer learning opportunities designed specifically for VOCA Administrators, and foster expanded accessibility and sustainability of VOCA programs.

OVC Center for VOCA Administrators Launch: Remarks From OVC Director Kristina Rose

September 2021

In this video, OVC Director Kristina Rose announces the launch of the OVC Center for VOCA Administrators. The Center provides technical support to strengthen the capacity of VOCA Administrators to administer VOCA formula victim assistance and victim compensation funds—the cornerstone of support for victims throughout the Nation. Visit the OVC Center for VOCA Administrators website.

OVC FY 2021 Training and Technical Assistance for Human Trafficking Service Providers

Closing Date

This program provides funding for training and technical assistance to service providers developing, strengthening, or expanding programs for victims of human trafficking. The purpose of this program is to—

  1. support OVC’s human trafficking service provider grantees and their partners in meeting award goals and objectives; and
  2. provide practitioner-driven, evidence-based training and technical assistance on delivering services to victim service providers.