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Collaboration, Transformation, and Impact

20 Years of OVC’s Anti-Trafficking Efforts Commemoration Guide


Collaboration, Transformation, and Impact Videos

OVC grantees and stakeholders speak about the impact of OVC anti-trafficking programs on the field. View the Community Outreach section of this guide to learn how to use these videos in your awareness campaigns and to promote and advance justice for victims of human trafficking.

Collaboration: 20 Years of OVC’s Anti-Trafficking Efforts

January 2023

This video acknowledges the partnerships that have been created through OVC anti-trafficking funding over the last 20 years.

It highlights efforts to strengthen collaborations with survivor leaders; establish partnerships; reduce barriers to care and services; and provide a more coordinated and victim-centered response.

Transformation: 20 Years of OVC’s Anti-Trafficking Efforts

January 2023

This video reflects on the changes, growth, and lessons learned over the years, with a look to the future as federal anti-trafficking efforts continue to evolve.

Learn how OVC anti-trafficking programing has helped ensure quality services are available and accessible to survivors.


Faces of Human Trafficking Videos

Use the Faces of Human Trafficking videos—with your community, your volunteers and interns, local students, and potential partners—to build awareness about your organization’s role in anti-trafficking efforts.

  • Use clips of the videos to open a news conference on human trafficking.
  • Incorporate the videos into activities you are already planning for January 2023 Human Trafficking Prevention Month.
  • Use the videos as a powerful way to begin a candlelight vigil, panel discussion, or other events.
  • Create your own public awareness event around a special screening of the videos.
  • Encourage allied professionals to show the videos at staff meetings and board retreats.
  • Encourage organizations to use the videos in their anti-trafficking outreach work.
  • Share the videos with local media as a catalyst to encourage coverage of events during Human Trafficking Prevention Month.
  • Let your broadcasting contacts know they are welcome to use the videos in their features.
  • Embed the videos in your organization’s website.
Date Created: December 16, 2022