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Annual Symposium in Forensic Psychology

Event Dates
The Westgate Hotel

San Diego, CA

*This conference has been cancelled. See this notice for details: https://www.forensicpsychology.org/SymposiumCancellation.pdf

Some sessions include:
- Beyond DSM-5: The future of psychiatric/psychological diagnoses
- A look at juvenile sentencing past and present: A case study and use of the Miller factors
- The life cycle of sex trafficking and the Sex Trafficking Offender Prevention (STOP) screening measure for juveniles
- Domestic abuse and filicide: Protective measures and parenting fitness evaluations
- Parental competency to waive Miranda for a juvenile defendant: A case study
- Ethical judgment in forensic cases: Avoiding logical fallacies
- Forensic skills workshop: The role of the psychologist in civil and criminal litigation

Name: American College of Forensic Psychology staff
Phone: 760-929-9777

Date Created: June 3, 2020