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Confronting Issues of Psychosocial Development for Adolescent and Young Adult Victims of Human Trafficking Who Are Transitioning Back into the Community

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Trauma can have long standing impact on the development of a survivor. This presentation looks at Erikson's psycho-social stages, identity development, social engagement, and interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in adolescence and young adult victims. The pivotal stages of adolescence and young adult development are discussed and a look at what professionals may encounter when engaging with survivors of trauma. The presentation will also look at techniques and ways to facilitate health developmental stages, healthy boundaries, healthy sexual and relational practice, and build emotional intelligence. The presentation is geared toward teachers, healthcare workers, and case managers who may be involved with these youth and to help them recognize techniques for engaging youth in their own wellness in a variety of settings (school, foster care, home, and community).

Date Created: February 4, 2021