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The Essential Role and Function of Task Force Coordinators


A recorded webinar for Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) human trafficking task force team members on the vital role of task force coordinators.

Target Audience: ECM Task Force Coordinators


  • To describe Bureau of Justice Assistance and OVC recommendations for task force coordinators; explain the roles and responsibilities of task force coordinators.
  • Highlight effective strategies to streamline communication within the task force.
  • Discuss ways to stay on target to ensure completion of administrative and operational activities.
  • Offer event planning tips, including how to obtain sponsors and access resources.
  • Provide insight into the task force coordinator's role in data collection, sharing, and analysis, and reporting of performance measurement.
  • Introduce new and upcoming resources for task force coordinators.

Includes: A webinar featuring panelists—

  • Alissa Huntoon, Senior Policy Advisor, Bureau of Justice Assistance,
  • Mary Atlas-Terry, Victim Justice Program Specialist, Office for Victims of Crime,
  • Leanne McCallum, Task Force Coordinator, Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force, and
  • Emily Schwartz, Director, North Dakota Human Trafficking Task Force.

Moderated by Erin Albright, Visiting Fellow, Human Trafficking Task Forces, Office for Victims of Crime.

Date Created: February 3, 2022