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Expanding Partnerships to Combat Human Trafficking


A recorded webinar that discusses successful collaborative partnerships that have enhanced efforts to identify human trafficking victims and traffickers.

Target Audience: Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, and Victim Service Providers


  • Provide information on potential partnerships with state and federal agencies that may boost task force efforts.
  • Ideas to seek, develop, and maintain partnerships; and effective collaborative efforts that aim to increase the identification of human trafficking victims and traffickers. 

Includes: A webinar featuring presenters John Wall, Sergeant, Houston Police Department, Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance Southern District of Texas, Paul B. Sanchez, Special Agent, Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service, Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance Southern District of Texas, Elynne Greene, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Southern Nevada Enhanced Task Force Collaboration.

Moderator: Cari Jankowski, Project Coordinator, International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Date Created: February 2, 2022