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FY 2019 Building State Technology Capacity and Elder Abuse Hotlines (Webinar)

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This webinar will provide eligible applicants with details and guidance on the Office for Victims of Crime's FY 2019 Building State Technology Capacity and Elder Abuse Hotlines solicitation.

The presenter will discuss the purpose and goals of this funding opportunity, which seeks to implement innovative statewide technology programs to enhance victims' access to services and foster innovation and efficiencies. Eligible applicants are limited to state victim assistance programs that are eligible to administer Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Victim Assistance Formula Grants. Outside organizations are also eligible to apply for funding when such an application is in partnership with the VOCA Victim Assistance administrator of the applicant's state.

The webinar objectives will be to:

-highlight the solicitation purpose, goals, and expectations;
-highlight critical changes from previous years;
-provide a general overview of the application process;
-identify tools and resources that may help applicants with the application process; and
-offer an opportunity for participants to ask questions.

The solicitation associated with this webinar is accessible online at: www.ovc.gov/grants/pdftxt/FY19-Building-State-Technology-Capacity-508.pdf

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Date Created: December 12, 2019