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Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day: Building Partnerships to Support Survivors

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Experiencing intimate partner violence can have long lasting health consequences. At the same time, survivors are often prevented from accessing health care by the person harming them. Domestic violence programs can play an important role in connecting survivors to health care as one strategy to support their healing, wellness, and autonomy. This year’s Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day webinar will feature a panel of local domestic violence programs, state coalitions, and national resource centers that participated in the Survivor Health Connections Innovation Lab, funded by the Office of Family Violence Prevention Services.

As a result of attending this webinar, participants will be better able to—

1. describe the role domestic violence programs can have in addressing the health needs of survivors,

2. access at least two tools their organization can utilize to formalize a partnership with a health provider/program, and

3. identify at least one health policy opportunity to increase health access for survivors.

ASL and Spanish interpretation will be provided.

Date Created: October 3, 2023