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Invisible Injuries: Domestic Violence, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Strangulation

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While some disabilities are present at birth, many people with disabilities acquired their disability through trauma. Advocates who work with domestic violence survivors have known for decades that abusers intentionally target a victim’s head, neck and face, with terrifying and painful repeated assaults and strangulation. Ohio research showed that over 8 in 10 survivors accessing domestic violence services had experienced head trauma that could cause brain injuries, but these injuries were hardly ever identified or treated.

We are just beginning to understand the way that these assaults can impact the brain, cause brain injuries, and affect every aspect of a person’s life. Come to this webinar to learn about the brain and how it functions, and be introduced to the characteristics, signs, symptoms, and consequences of traumatic brain injury and strangulation.

Date Created: November 19, 2021