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National Native Health Research Training Conference

Event Dates
Pechanga Resort & Casino

Temecula, CA

The primary goal of the conference is to contribute toward the growth of a Native health research community that is dedicated to honoring tribal decision-making processes, building trust through tribal community participation and guided by tribal cultural knowledge and values.

Conference objectives:
- Increase opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native scientists and health professionals to share knowledge gained from health sciences research with students and other scientists and health professionals.

- Increase the dissemination and use of biomedical, clinical, behavioral, and health science research findings to address the health needs of American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

- Enhance Tribal-academic collaborations and improve the ability of Tribes to better understand research findings, particularly related to the physical, biological, genetic, behavioral, psychological, cultural, and social implications of research.

- Increase the effective use of Traditional Medicine, Indigenous Knowledge, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge/Environmental Health to enhance protective factors/effects and to improve health outcomes among American Indians and Alaska Natives.

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Date Created: June 3, 2020