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Providing Forensic Healthcare and Support to Native Communities (Webinar)

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Awareness of how to provide culturally appropriate and trauma informed services to the American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) community is important for forensic examiners. This webinar will discuss jurisdictional factors affecting examinations, pertinent laws to consider, and health care services that may be available to AI/AN populations.

In this webinar, the presenter reviews relevant laws for forensic examiners and explains various jurisdictional factors affecting examinations, chain of custody, and prosecution.

Additionally, she discusses types of health care services that may be available to AI/AN populations and provides further resources for healthcare provider training, clinical support, and survivor outreach.

Detailed Learning Objectives:
- Explain at least four factors and barriers that AI/AN people who have experienced domestic sexual violence may encounter when seeking health care and justice.
- Explain differences in state, federal, and tribal jurisdictions related to forensic healthcare access, law enforcement services, and control of crime prosecution.
- Locate and access at least five healthcare training resources, grant sources, and patient support entities that specifically include or promote AI/AN services.

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Date Created: December 12, 2019