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Role of America's Law Enforcement in Labor Trafficking Identification


A recorded webinar that discusses labor trafficking, its prevalence in the United States, and how to identify it.

Target Audience: Law Enforcement Personnel


  • To provide information on the research results from the study Understanding the Organization, Operation and Victimization Process of Labor Trafficking in the United States.
  • To provide an overview of the Blue Campaign project.
  • Define forced labor through its four prohibited means of force/restraint, threats/serious harm, abuse of process, and coercive scheme.
  • Share the Blue Campaign's mission and the different channels and materials that they use to raise awareness, train, and educate people on the issue of human trafficking. 

Includes: A webinar featuring panelists Colleen Owens, Founder and CEO, THE WHY, Kaitlin Seale, Program Manager, Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign.

Date Created: February 3, 2022