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The Role of Data and Analysis in Human Trafficking Initiatives


A recorded webinar that explains how to select a task force research partner, what data should be collected to inform evaluation and ongoing assessment activities, and how that data can inform the structure, function, and processes of a task force.

Target Audience: Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) Task Force Members

Objectives: To provide information on—

  • various approaches to ongoing assessment of task force efforts,
  • incorporating data collection and analysis early in the project timeline,
  • using promising practices to select a research partner and outline role/responsibilities,
  • identifying data sources and strategies for collection and analysis,
  • identifying potential challenges to avoid in the evaluation process, and
  • understanding the practical application of assessment results to enhance task force processes.

Includes: A webinar featuring subject matter experts Heather Perez, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, Michigan State University; Edmund McGarrell, Director, Michigan Justice Statistics Center; Professor, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University; and Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, Director, Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research; Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Arizona State University.

Date Created: February 3, 2022