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Serving Families of Victims: Unsolved Homicides (Webinar)

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This webinar is designed to educate viewers on the struggles facing the families of unsolved homicide victims and the resources available to those working with such families.

The presenter is a survivor of an unsolved homicide who founded a non-profit organization, Project: Cold Case, and works closely with other survivor families and law enforcement from around the country.

The unique challenges the presenter has witnessed firsthand and through helping others will be identified, analyzed and broken down in order to identify best practices for positive interactions when serving this unique victim population.

This presentation will delve into common and not-so-common subjects, such as what constitutes a cold case, when a case is considered cold, why it is important to assign resources to cold cases homicides, how to answer difficult family questions, the complications associated with families of unsolved cases, solvability protocols, case prioritization, available resources, advancing technology, partnering with law enforcement and helping families maintain hope.

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Date Created: December 12, 2019