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Trauma-Informed Approaches and Interviewing of Labor Trafficking Victims in the U.S.


This recorded webinar is designed to support police and prosecutors to conduct interviews and investigations of labor trafficking in the United States using a trauma-informed approach.

Target Audience: Police, prosecutors, and allied professionals

Overall Objectives: Learn to—

  • define trauma-informed practice;
  • identify common effects of trauma and how they may present in labor trafficking victims;
  • acknowledge that trauma, fear, and culture affect a labor trafficking victim’s ability to disclose their victimization and participate in an investigation or prosecution; and
  • conduct interviews to minimize re-traumatization and maximize information gathering.

Includes: A webinar featuring subject matter experts discussing strategies to help police and prosecutors to proactively identify victims of labor trafficking and effectively investigate and prosecute traffickers using a victim-centered and trauma-informed approach.

Date Created: February 2, 2022