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Working Effectively with Survivors of Violence Impacted by Traumatic Brain Injury and Strangulation

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Trauma-informed approaches recognize the presence of trauma symptoms and acknowledge the role trauma may play in an individual’s life. It is the predominant framework used in victim services agencies and many different other systems. This training will discuss strategies to better support people impacted by brain injuries in your services. 

The Justice Clearinghouse will introduce CARE, Ohio’s evidence-based framework developed by the Ohio Domestic Violence Network and The Ohio State University. CARE brings brain injury awareness to trauma-informed approaches and focuses on awareness, accessibility and accommodations that strengthen our systems. The Justice Clearinghouse will also share the Ohio Domestic Violence Network’s free, practical, hands-on, tools available to raise awareness and address brain injury with survivors, as well as within your organization and in your multidisciplinary collaborations.

Date Created: January 10, 2024