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2017 Crime Victims Fund Compensation and Assistance Allocations

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View the 2017 Crime Victims Fund compensation allocations and the 2017 Crime Victims Fund assistance allocations.

Crime Victims Fund Compensation Allocations

From the Crime Victims Fund (the Fund) deposits available for victim compensation grants, the OVC Director shall make an annual grant from the Fund to an eligible crime victim compensation program of 60 percent of the amounts awarded during the preceding fiscal year (2 years prior to the grant year).

Crime Victims Fund Assistance Allocations

From the Fund deposits available for victim assistance grants, each state grantee receives a base amount of $500,000, except for the territories of Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and American Samoa, which are eligible to receive a base amount of $200,000. The Republic of Palau's share is governed by the Compact of Free Association between the U.S. and the Republic of Palau. After the victim compensation allocations are determined, the remaining Fund deposits are allocated to victim assistance grants based upon the state's population in relation to all other states, as determined by current census data.

For more information on the allocation of VOCA formula funds, review the Crime Victims Fund Allocation Process.

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