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OVC FY 2022 Invited to Apply – Mass Violence Needs Assessments Project

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This project will complete and expand on the Needs Assessment surveys, interviews, analyses, and related activities that the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) initiated in the FY 2017 National Mass Violence Victimization Resource Center award. Activities were not completed during that award though interim/preliminary analysis was conducted on some community sites and a number or direct victims. Preliminary analysis on some sites also seems to indicate that the information gleaned from this effort is likely applicable more broadly, particularly for larger community violence events. The overall goal of this project is to collect and use data to better inform OVC's mass violence program and the field about the effects of these events. Ultimately, the project will develop tools such as a risk assessment inventory to recognize high-risk victims as quickly as possible and provide more targeted trauma-informed, evidence-based services to all mass violence victims. Deliverables include: . Analyze existing data from surveys completed by nearly 6,000 adults in 6 communities impacted by MVIs and over 2,100 adults in Flint, MI who were affected by a large-scale environmental crime. . Further examine the "ripple effects" of MVIs on communities. . Collect and analyze data from new or existing surveys of approximately 1,500 MVI direct victims/survivors and interviews with 100 key stakeholders in communities. . Prepare tip sheets, reports, and/or screening tools and other products that provide actionable information to OVC, victim service providers, medical/mental health providers, first responders, and others.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $2,200,000

Date Created: June 23, 2022