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OVC FY 09 Post-Secondary Education: Integrating Crime Victims' Issues into University and College Curricula

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OVC will make one award of $300,000 to support the integration of broad crime victims' issues into university and college curricula. Applicants are limited to private, faith-based, tribal, or state consortiums of accredited universities and colleges or associations of institutions of higher education that can demonstrate (1) knowledge and understanding of victimization issues to be integrated into university or college curricula; (2) experience in augmenting university or college curricula by incorporating emerging education issues; and (3) staff resources and capability to carry out all activities required by the funded project. The lead applicant must be an accredited university or college or institution of higher education, and must partner, at a minimum, with another university or college or state association affiliated with higher education to be eligible to apply for funding. If the applicant does not demonstrate a partnership with another university or college, the applicant will be deemed ineligible to submit an application for purposes of this solicitation.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $297,272

Date Created: October 29, 2008