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OVC FY 17 Increasing Legal Access to Victims of Crime: Innovations in Access to Justice Programs

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Through this solicitation, OVC will provide funding for legal services for three distinct projects that will enhance legal access for crime victims, foster technological innovation, and provide training and technical assistance to those involved in the initiatives. OVC expects to make three awards (one in each category) totaling $8.15 million. Applicants that identify an organization in their application to OVC as the proposed subaward training and technical assistance (TTA) provider are not required to further compete that subaward, assuming that the applicant is selected as a Purpose Area 1 grant recipient by OVC. The proposed TTA subaward organization will be reviewed as part of the applicant’s overall proposal in OVC’s competitive award process. Applicants that receive Purpose Area 1 funding, but did not identify a TTA provider in their application, are required to select the TTA subaward organization through a competitive process post-award. Apply by July 18, 2017.


Date Created: June 16, 2017