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OVC FY 2019 VOCA Victim Compensation

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Under this formula grant program, OVC will award each eligible state victim compensation program an annual grant equal to 60 percent of the amount the program awarded in state-funded victim compensation payments during the fiscal year two years prior to the present fiscal year, other than amounts awarded for property damage. The primary purpose of these grants is to supplement state efforts to provide financial compensation to crime victims throughout the Nation for costs resulting from crime, and to encourage victim cooperation and participation in the criminal justice system. Funds under this program shall be used by the states for awards of compensation benefits to crime victims, with the following exception: states may retain up to 5 percent of their total grant for administrative and training purposes. Apply by 5:00 p.m. e.t. on July 8, 2019.


Number of Awards: 55
Total Amount Awarded: $135,555,166

Date Created: September 10, 2019