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OVC FY 2020 Law Enforcement-Based Direct Victim Services and Technical Assistance Program Invitation to Apply

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Funding under this award will support the provision of technical assistance(e.g., through the use of webinars, publications, videos, in-service training modules, toolkits, best practice materials, and sample policies), for law enforcement agencies funded under the Law Enforcement-Based Direct Victim Services and Technical Assistance Program (LEV Program) to enhance trauma-informed, victim-centered services. The TA component is also intended to assist grantees with the development or enhancement of LEV Program protocols and guidelines. With this award, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), in partnership with the National Crime Victim Law Institute, University of Texas Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, and Unified Solutions Tribal Community Development Group, Inc., will create four Technical Assistance Tracks to address the collective needs of the Law-Enforcement-Based Direct Victims Services (LEV) direct service programs funded under Purpose Area 1 that fall into 4 categories: 1) New Programs; 2) Enhanced Programs-Expansion of Victimization Service Provision; 3) Enhanced Programs-Expansion of Service Delivery Mode; and 4) Tribal Programs Implementation and Enhancement.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $2,000,000

Date Created: May 18, 2020