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2020 National Identity Theft Victims Assistance Network (NITVAN) Identity Theft Coalition Building Toolkit

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22 pages

This tool kit developed by the National Identity Theft Victims Assistance Network (NITVAN) is the culmination of a 4-year multiagency federal collaboration to develop a comprehensive guide for building the capacity of service providers, advocates, and allied professionals to address the rights and needs of identity theft victims through coalition building.


The toolkit provides information on how to start a coalition, build capacity, share resources, and sustain this effort to empower organizations nationwide to collaborate in helping victims of identity theft. The toolkit advises that before starting a coalition, the framework for the coalition must be created and documented. The framework will be developed based on the determination of 1) the needs of identity theft victims in the targeted area; 2) the coalition's mission and vision in addressing these needs; 3) who will be the lead agency/agencies; and 4) the roles and responsibilities of the coalition members. The toolkit provides guidance for addressing these issues. After guidance is provided on building the framework for the coalition, the toolkit discusses engagement and training, which focuses on hosting meaningful meetings, a mentorship program that involves coalition members experienced in identity crime victim services providing knowledge and guidance to members less experienced with such victimization. Information is also provided on external training and technical assistance resources; curriculum/resources for general identity-theft training; and identity theft resources for special populations, such as elderly persons and domestic violence victims. Other major sections of the toolkit address issues in outreach/communication and the sustainability of an identity-theft coalition.

Date Published: January 1, 2020