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Multidisciplinary teams

OVC FY 2023 Transforming America’s Response to Elder Abuse: Enhanced Multidisciplinary Teams (E-MDTs) for Older Victims of Abuse and Financial Exploitation and T&TA

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OVC seeks to support the development or enhancement of multidisciplinary teams to better identify and respond to cases of abuse of older adults and more comprehensively serve and support older victims of financial exploitation and other forms of elder abuse. The program will also support a National Elder Abuse Training and Technical Assistance Center.

Senior Advisor for Victims Services and Human Trafficking Program Director Woolf Speaks at Grantee Meeting on Elder Abuse

On Monday, August 31, 2020, Office for Victims of Crime Senior Advisor for Victims Services and Human Trafficking Program Director Bill Woolf spoke at a webinar hosted by the National Elder Multidisciplinary Team (E-MDT) Training and Technical Assistance Center for E-MDT grantees.

He discussed the commitment of the Office for Victims of Crime to serve older victims of financial fraud, including the March 2020 launch of...

A Healing Journey for Alaska Natives: Multidisciplinary Responses to Victims of Violence

October 2016

This video illustrates the multidisciplinary approach that brings together a range of professions to ensure timely, comprehensive, and victim-centered responses. Teams must be flexible and responsive to the range of short- and long-term needs of Alaska Native victims, including cultural, emotional, physical, and geographic needs.