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Case Study: Increasing Identification Through Outreach - Anna's Story

NCJ Number
International Rescue Committee Dated: October 2020
Date Published
October 2020

This video portrays what one worker (Anna)  experienced in an oppressive, unfair job situation, and an appeal is made for victim service agencies to develop ways for exploited workers like Anna to report and receive help for what amounts to labor trafficking.


This case study is presented as a form of labor trafficking, because in order to keep her job Anna was required to work 10 hours a day seven days a week while receiving pay for a 40-hour week. The employer deducted mandated amounts from her pay for employer-provided clothing and equipment needed for her work, breaks during working hours, as well as days off due to sickness or family emergencies. There were also financial penalties for any losses her employer experienced if she quits her job. The video labels Anna’s work-related conditions as labor trafficking, because of the abusive conditions established by her employer. The intent of this video is to provide knowledge of what constitutes labor trafficking under most state laws and to stimulate planning among victim service providers on how to make the public, victims, and employers aware of illegal working conditions, and the assistance that is available to victims.

Date Published: October 1, 2020