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New Federal Trade Commission Website Helps Victims to Report Fraud

The Federal Trade Commission recently launched a new website to make it easier for consumers to report fraud, scams, and bad business practices.

Victim service providers can help their clients submit fraud reports in just a few short steps on the English language site ReportFraud.ftc.gov or the Spanish language site ReporteFraude.ftc.gov.

Once a user submits a report, they will be given a tracking number and tips on what to do next. All reports go into the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel database used by thousands of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies throughout the country. These fraud reports can help the Federal Trade Commission and its partners investigate and prosecute scammers.

A Partner Toolkit offers videos, images, and other resources your organization can use to raise awareness about this new site.

Organizations serving victims of financial fraud aged 60 and older should also refer their clients to the National Elder Fraud Hotline, operated by the Office for Victims of Crime. Call 833–FRAUD–11 (833–372–8311) to speak with an experienced case manager who will provide personalized support.

Date Published: January 19, 2021