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International Terrorism Victim Expense Reimbursement Program (ITVERP)

What Is Not Covered?

Types of Expenses Not Covered

  • Attorneys’ fees and other legal expenses.
  • Lost wages or loss of support.
  • Payments for pain and suffering.
  • The loss of a partner or one’s enjoyment in life.

Collateral Sources

ITVERP regulations prohibit OVC from distributing reimbursement of expenses for which a claimant has already received reimbursement or compensation.

These expenses are not eligible and are referred to as collateral sources:

  • Workers’ compensation payments.
  • Insurance benefits.
  • Medicare or Medicaid payments.
  • Restitution.
  • Military or veterans’ benefits of a compensatory nature.
  • Other state, federal, and international compensation programs.
  • Defense Base Act insurance payments.

Life insurance proceeds are generally not considered a collateral source because they do not compensate claimants for specific out-of-pocket expenses. The definition of collateral sources for ITVERP’s purposes is consistent with other provisions relating to crime victim compensation programs under the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA).