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International Terrorism Victim Expense Reimbursement Program (ITVERP)

Apply for ITVERP Reimbursement

The Claims Review Process

The application process takes time. Once an application is received by ITVERP, a case manager reviews the application for basic eligibility requirements. If basic eligibility requirements are met, the case manager then begins the process of verification. This means that ITVERP must verify each out-of-pocket expense and make sure that no collateral sources have or will be covering the expenses. This process is also know as due diligence.

Once the verification process is complete, ITVERP case managers prepare an internal recommendation. The recommendation addresses the claimant’s eligibility, the eligibility of expenses, and any other issues specific to each individual claim. Occasionally, a claim will raise a question about whether a certain type of expense is reimbursable under one of the ITVERP categories. These claims often take additional time to process because they may require research and briefing before the issue can be resolved. Also, sometimes additional information is obtained during the verification process that requires adjustments or revisions to the internal recommendation.

Below is a brief overview of the ITVERP claims process.

Eligibility of Claimant

  • Application review for completeness, including all supporting documentation
  • Victim/Claimant verified by FBI/OVA (or lead investigative agency)
  • Terrorist incident submitted; NSD may designate as a terrorist attack for purposes of ITVERP

Eligibility of Expenses

  • Independent verification of the cost of each expense
  • Independent verification that each expense can be linked directly to the terrorist incident
  • Independent verification of all possible collateral sources


  • OVC ITVERP staff submit recommendations to OVC Director for approval

Claim Determination

  • If claimant is eligible and all expenses are eligible, full payment is approved
  • If claimant is eligible and some expenses are eligible, partial payment is approved
  • If claimant is eligible but no expenses are eligible, payment is denied
  • If claimant is not eligible, payment is denied


  • Upon notification of the outcome of a claim, a claimant has 30 days to file an appeal with the Office of the Assistance Attorney General, OJP

If the basic eligibility requirements are not met upon preliminary review, the process takes much less time. Generally, a denial recommendation is prepared for this claim determination.


Claimants who wish to appeal a final determination of an ITVERP claim must file an appeal in writing within 30 days. Appeals should be mailed to the Office of the Assistant Attorney General, Office of Justice Programs at the following address:

Office of the Assistant Attorney General
Office of Justice Programs
U.S. Department of Justice
810 Seventh Street, NW.
Washington, DC  20531