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American Indian & Alaska Native Victim Services Resources

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Training and Technical Assistance

The following OVC and OVC-sponsored programs provide training and technical assistance to help improve victim services for American Indians/Alaska Natives or support OVC grantees.

Tribal Victim Services Training and Technical Assistance

OVC-funded Tribal Victim Services Training and Technical Assistance (T-VSTTA, pronounced t-vista) is a capacity-building program for American Indian and Alaska Native communities. T-VSTTA provides tailored, victim-centered, and trauma-informed training and technical assistance to grantees and potential grantees as they develop sustainable victim services programs.

OVC Tribal Financial Management Center

The OVC Tribal Financial Management Center provides data-informed, culturally humble, victim-centered training and technical assistance and resources to support American Indian and Alaska Native communities as they successfully manage the financial aspects of their federal awards. The Center offers onsite technical assistance or virtual assistance.

OVC TTAC: Tribal Victim Assistance

The OVC Training and Technical Assistance Center's Tribal Victim Assistance resource provides information and tools to support the efforts of Tribal victim advocates, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and others to develop a victim-centered response to crime victims in Tribal communities.

Tribal Victim Services Set-Aside Program Construction Project Management Technical Assistance

With funding from OVC, the National Institute of Justice, and the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Blue Trident, LLC provides construction project management assistance to grantees for Tribal victim services facility projects, including renovation, expansion, permanent modular, and new construction. Contact Megan Rhodus by email at [email protected] or phone at 619-847-0370 for more information and to access these services.

Comprehensive Environmental Compliance Support and Technical Assistance

Funded by OVC, National Institute of Justice, and Bureau of Justice Assistance, The Clark Group, LLC, provides comprehensive environmental compliance support and technical assistance to Tribal grantees. They assist with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance and other environmental laws, regulations, and policies that must be addressed as a condition of the grant award.