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District of Columbia

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Access state-specific information, including awards, events, and state VOCA formula funding program contacts.


OVC administers two Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) formula grant programs that support crime victim compensation and assistance—the cornerstone of support for victims throughout the Nation.

VOCA Victim Assistance formula grants support thousands of victim assistance programs throughout the Nation each year. States provide subgrants to local community-based organizations and public agencies that provide services directly to victims. Funds may also be used to address emerging needs, gaps in services, and training of victim service advocates.

VOCA Victim Assistance Program
Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants
Phone: 202–727–0605
Website: http://ovsjg.dc.gov

VOCA Victim Compensation formula grants provide funding to supplement state compensation programs that provide financial assistance and reimbursement to victims for crime-related out-of-pocket expenses.

VOCA Victim Compensation Program
DC Courts Crime Victims Compensation Program
Phone: 202–879–4216
Fax: 202–879–4230
Website: https://www.dccourts.gov/services/crime-victims-compensation-matters

State performance reports for the District of Columbia VOCA Victim Assistance and Compensation Programs are below. More information about performance measures for formula funding is available on the VOCA Administrators website.

State Compensation Program
The annual state performance report for the District of Columbia compensation program.

State Assistance Program
The annual state performance report for the District of Columbia assistance program.


Active Awards in the District of Columbia

Below find a list of all active OVC awards in the District of Columbia. 


Review state allocations for VOCA formula funding.

Coordinate a training through OVC TTAC.